I’m looking for a house that has 4 or more bedrooms. If one of these rooms is an office that can be changed to a bedroom we are ok with that too. We need to have at least two toilets in the house. We have two dogs and would like to keep them if at all possible. Only other preference is that we stay in Greenville schools. We are very willing to do a rental, or rent to buy, or even some kind of land contract.


Let me tell you a little about us so you see what we need. I have a big family of 7 it includes myself, husband, my two teenagers, my disabled mom, disabled adult sister, and my teenage sister (So 4 adults and 3 teenagers). We recently moved from Texas to Greenville to be closer to my mom’s dad who is suffering from Alzheimer’s in a nursing home here in Greenville. We thought we had things worked out. but the house we had planned on going into has fallen through. So that leaves us looking for a “new house”.


Since the move and such has cost us so much we don’t have anything to put down, what we do have is Metro Authority offering to get us in somewhere. They will cover deposits and rent so that we can get established. We also know that my mom has finally been approved for disability and will be getting a larger back check that would be been nice to pay down on a house if we could afford to wait. That’s why if someone was will to let us get into the place with Metro’s help then we could work out buying it would be best for us.


All of us can pass any background check, we don’t drink or do any kind of drugs. Since I stay home to take care of my disabled family, my husband works. He has been out of work do to a spider bite that threatened to take his leg. It has finally healed enough and he has 3 interviews next week. I know he will be working full time in a matter of days. Thanks for taking the time to read this!


Jenette Stark (512) – 577-1527

Derek Stark (737) – 333-4241