San Antonio Nosferatu & Territories
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Francisc Iepure
Bernard Green
Mabel Ruby
Dran Rory


Bexar County, Sector 9, (Central East)

Notable Features

  • All Star Iron & Metal

  • Longhorn Recycling

  • PMI Pipe Steel & Supplies

  • St. Jerome Catholic Church

  • River of Life Christian Fellowship

  • Old Path Baptist Church

  • Republic Services Tessman Road Landfill

  • New Earth Topsoil Supplier

  • Meadowlawn Memorial Cemetery

  • St. Jerome Cemetery

Lots of open space, far between one another. Industrial area mostly, Landfill, Recycling, Steel Supplies all closer towards city. The further away the more churches and empty spaces. Lots of small ponds.

Bexar County, Sector 5, (Central South West)

Notable Features

  • Lackland Air Force Base

  • Kelly Field Annex

  • Air Force Medical Logistics

  • Gateway Hills Golf Course

  • VMS Vehicle Storage Facility

  • Camargo Park

  • Boeing Company

  • Lockheed Martin

  • San Fernando Cemetery III

Military!, Air Force Base with Runway, Boeing and Lockheed Development Zones. Cmargo Park backs up to the Gateway Hills Golf Course, The Park is thick along the Leon Creek. The VMS Vehicle Storage Facility is operating for the City of San Antonio and is tasked with responsibility for the impoundment and release of vehicles that have been wrecked, abandoned, or recovered, and also for vehicles belonging to prisoners as well as other vehicles involved in various police investigations.

This is our closest territory to downtown. And one with a vast amount of resources, with Lackland Air Force Base.

Comal County, Sector 3, (New Braunsfels.)

Notable Features

  • Natural Bridge Wildlife Center

  • Natural Bridge Caverns

  • Schlitterbahn Waterpark

  • Faust Hotel and Brewing Co.

  • Cemex (Rock Query & Cement Company)

  • BraunTex (Paving Material Supplier)

  • Schlather Cemetery

Besides the obvious with the wildlife center, and the Caverns, we also have access to the Rock Query, and Schlitterbahn Waterpark.