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  Pendragon RPG


King Uther Period: 485-495ad

Each of you are to take on the role of Knights. Your Glory will be defined by your Father, and your Grandfathers Glory. The game will start in Sarum, Salisbury, in the Year 485. You can choose your personal Religion. Christian or Pagan. Each offer different things. Each of you are raised under the Cymric culture. You've been in Salisbury all of your life. Your current home represents the Manor in which you've gotten for being a Vassal Knight. You will start the game between the age of 21-26. You can roll your Passion: Hate For Saxons, 3d6. The higher the score the more you hate the Saxons. I randomly rolled Family Characteristics and its listed under each of you what you got. You can use that when creating your character. This system is very easy, not crunchy at all, and easy to change on the fly for simple rules. It is very narrative, and is more storytelling than using dice. Each year there is a Summer Court and a Winter Court. Things happen during Winter Court that allow you to advance your character, Your Manor Advancement, You could have Events happen at your Manor etc. Marriage is possible, Children are possible. The only issue I see is Female Characters. Normally in the setting Female's are not allowed to become Knights. Now we can fudge that, or we can be inventive, maybe she has masqueraded as a male all her life, because her father never had a son. So she was encouraged by your family, father, to pretend to be a man. Of course its likely it will come out in the game at some point. But it would make for some interesting roleplaying. We would be using the Pendragon 5.1 rules, which is just a quick fix update of 5.0. I also want to run the Great Pendragon Campaign. which spans from 485 to 566 AD. I think with the Legend of the Five Rings, social aspect, and roleplaying, another game similar would be nice. This game offers Court sessions, arranged Marriages, Manor development, book keeping. Just using the Code of Chivalry, instead of the Code of Bushido. I think it could/would be pretty fun.

Character Creation is pretty simple. There are points to be spent, a few things have Ratings that you can choose, for example each character Traits. All Knights start out with 15 in Valorous, and a 5 in Cowardly. You are a Knight. Your Traits equal 20. So having a 15 in Valorous and a 5 in Cowardly = 20. Some traits are determined by Religion, some Knights have a Renowned Trait that they are known for. Traits fluctuate back and forth over time. And they are a good way at rounding out a character.

I'm thinking a Session for Character Creation, with an Introduction to the system, Jousting, Simple Combat, Training, and if time a small encounter in the forest. By the second Session, we will start the Great Pendragon Campaign. Which gets the characters dealing with the things happening in Court and with the Saxon Invasion.



No Intelligence Rating? Note that no attributes are given for intelligence or any form of wisdom, astuteness, or wit. This is because it is a knight’s duty to act, not to think… All kidding aside, though, since a player controls every character, it is that player’s intelligence that dictates the character’s goals and actions, not an arbitrary number on a character sheet. Thus, in a sense, the player is the character’s “intelligence score”!


In game context, the time of Uther’s reign is equivalent to the Dark Ages: Thus, themes and images of brutality, uncouthness, and ever-present danger are appropriate.


Character Sheet PDF :

Family Record Sheet PDF:

Glory Record Sheet PDF:

Land Record Sheet PDF:



Character Sheets

Character Information Player: Kevin Player: Thomas Player: JP Player: Adam Player: Karin
Age: 21-26 21-26 21-26 21-26 21-26
Homeland: Salisbury Salisbury Salisbury Salisbury Salisbury
Son Number:          
Culture: Cymric Cymric Cymric Cymric Cymric
Religion: Christian Or Pagan Christian Or Pagan Christian Or Pagan Christian Or Pagan Christian Or Pagan
Current Class:          
Current Home: Baverstock Durnford Newton Tisbury Wylye
Current Hit Points:          
Current Glory:          
Chaste / Lustful          
Energetic / Lazy          
Forgiving / Vengeful          
Generous / Selfish          
Honest / Deceitful          
Just / Arbitrary          
Merciful / Cruel          
Modest / Proud          
Pious / Worldly          
Prudent / Reckless          
Temperate / Indulgent          
Trusting / Suspicious          
Valorous / Cowardly 15 / 5 15 / 5 15 / 5 15 / 5 15 / 5
Directed Trait:          
Directed Trait:          
Passion: Loyalty (Lord): 15 15 15 15 15
Passion: Love (Family): 15 15 15 15 15
Passion: Hospitality: 15 15 15 15 15
Passion: Honor: 15 15 15 15 15
Passion: Hate: (Saxons) 3d6 3d6 3d6 3d6 3d6
CON (+3):          
Damage [STR+SIZ/6]:          
Healing Rate [STR+DEX/10]:          
Total Hit Points (SIZ+CON):          
Unconscious (HP/4):          
Distinctive Features:          
Family Characteristic: Good with birds Natural healer Clever Remarkably Deductive Keen senses
Skill: Awareness          
Skill: Boating          
Skill: Compose          
Skill: Courtesy          
Skill: Dancing          
Skill: Faerie Lore          
Skill: Falconry          
Skill: First Aid          
Skill: Flirting          
Skill: Folklore          
Skill: Gaming          
Skill: Gaming          
Skill: Heraldry          
Skill: Hunting          
Skill: Intrigue          
Skill: Orate          
Skill: Play          
Skill: Read          
Skill: Recognize          
Skill: Religion          
Skill: Romance          
Skill: Singing          
Skill: Stewardship          
Skill: Swimming          
Skill: Tourney          
Combat Skill: Battle          
Combat Skill: Horsemanship          
Combat Skill: Sword          
Combat Skill: Lance          
Combat Skill: Spear          
Combat Skill: Dagger          
Squire Name:          
Squire Age:          
Squire First Aid:          
Squire Battle:          
Squire Horsemanship:          
Joust Score: Wins          
Joust Score: Losses          
Horse: Best Warhorse #1          
 - Type:          
 - Damage:          
 - Armor:          
 - Move:          
 - HP:          
 - SIZ          
 - CON          
 - DEX          
 - Breed          
Horse: Riding #2          
 - Move:          
Horse: Squire's #3          
 - Move:          
Horse: #4          
 - Move:          
Horse #5          
 - Move: