Manor House

Location's & Covenfolk

The Manor House is a base of Operations for the group
to use as they explore the Ruins of Calebais. Some improvement
have been made to the House and the surrounding area to make
it more hospitable for the Magus.

1. Entrance Foyer
2. Living Room
3. Dining Room
4. Unused Laboratory
5. Unused Room

6. Fionuir's Room & Laboratory
7. Kitchen
8. Pantry / Storage
9. Staircase Landing
10. Grogs Room
11. Grogs Room
12. Library
13. Washroom / Storage
14. Washroom / Storage
15. Grogs Room
16. Unused Room
17. Washroom / Storage
18. Unused Laboratory
19. Pietro's Laboratory
20. Pietro's Room

Guissipee & Agosto
Archer / Hunter Grogs

Flynn & Noggin
Brewer / Steward

Belladonna & Josephine
Servant Grogs

Servant Grog

Folklore Teacher

Expert Hunter

Adding a member requires consensus.  Expelling a member requires consensus excluding the member in question.  Magi expelled from the Order are expelled from the covenant without requiring a vote.  Covenant duties will be split evenly, based on ability, and specified by council vote.

The Council meets each solstice.  Members may request emergency meetings, but decisions at regular council meetings take precedence over decisions at emergency meetings.  Each member has one vote.  Ties are decided by Certamen.  Changes to this charter require consensus; other rulings require majority.  Certamen can force a member to vote differently, but can't force consensus.

Half of resources, both mundane and magical, discovered on covenant business belong to the covenant.  The other half is split evenly among council members present.  New income sources, both mundane and magical, are split this way for the first two years, then revert fully to the covenant.  New texts are the property of their finders for one year, then revert to the covenant.  Enchanted devices are the property of the covenant, but the finders receive a vis bonus relative to its usefulness.  Living expenses and a basic laboratory are the responsibility of the covenant, and will be equal for all council members.  Improved laboratory, fancier lifestyle, additional servant, and scribing expenses are the responsibility of the member.