Spring 1220

Amy Ex Merinitia, Fionuir Ex Miscellanea, Leonardo Ex Flambeau, and Logan Ex Miscellanea have a brief meeting at The Grey Senators' covenant in Rome before sailing to Sardignia.  Along the way, they test their powers with a bit of light hearted fun.  Once landed, the Redcap they were scheduled to meet doesn't show up.  Seeking information, Logan questions the village priest.  The priest reacts badly to his blatant Gift and calls on villagers to attack him.  Imaginem and Mentem kept things from getting out of hand, but not before Logan passes out.  The Magi retreat to a cornfield to consider their options.  Amy and Logan decide to return to the mainland and take the next ship out. 

In Rome, Octavius Ex Miscellanea and Sergei of the Axe meet the Redcap Gertrude, and decide to accompany her to Sardignia.  They assume albatross forms to fly across the ocean.  They meet some farmers while resting from the flight, then head to town to look for the others.  Meanwhile, Fionuir and Leonardo seek information from several places, including a drunken sailor, before meeting Gertrude's party.  The entire group travels to their future temporary covenant.  They take a short cut through a faerie forest and are attacked by misshapen earth faeries.  They take eight faerie hands as trophies.  At the covenant, they meet a friendly bureaucrat and several archers claiming to own the property.  After a bit of Leonardo's "Flambeau diplomacy", the archers have put three arrows in him but are horribly burned in return.  The bureaucrat flees.  Four servants are convinced to stay by Gertrude.  Two of the archers agree to stay on, but can't do much 'till healed.  After a bit of housecleaning, the Magi (and Sergei) settle in to relax.  A basic charter is agreed upon, with Octavius, Fionuir, Sergei, and Leonardo as council members.

During the next three months, Octavius crafts a wand, Fionuir repairs his broken lab, Sergei recruits an woodsman tutor, and Leonardo heals his arrow wounds.

Summer 1220

Fionuir, Sergei, a still injured Leonardo, and newcomer Pietro of Verditius explore a tavern a few days' walk from the covenant.  Within, they discover barely visible faeries.  In a hidden chamber, they discover Flynn the Cluricaun.  After a bit of negotiation, he agrees to move to the covenant.  He brings Pip the Noggin as well.  Pietro of Verditius joins the covenant and takes a seat on the council.

Fionuir, Leonardo and Sergei decide to search for the Calebais Covenant, talking first to the hunters that stayed on at the manor house.  Sergei's eloquence with the servants reveals that Calebais is to the south.  Pietro does what he can for Leonardo's wounds before the three follow the south road, leaving him back at the manor house in his lab.

The trio comes to a small village where they met up with two others sent from the Grey Senators in Rome to join their Covenant on Sardigna: Gistra of House Mercere, a Redcap, and Octavius of House Ex Miscellanea, an old friend of Fionuir's. The group then leaves the small village and continues south towards Calebais.

Next, they come into contact with Sir Robert, a knight, and his servant.  Conversation takes place with Sir Robert about him, his brother and his father, the king.  Friendly conversation becomes heated argument that gets postponed for a month, when Sir Robert will journey to the Manor house to talk with the entire Covenant.

Fionuir leaves the group and travels back to the manor house, where he needs to take part in his Terram Vis retrieval, or it will be lost.

Entering the forest the group tries to find a way through the maze of trees and turns.  They are confronted by many illusion animals which give them small pieces of a riddle which they need to answer. After what seems like hours, the group finally manages to figure out the riddle and is brought before the dryad, the Protector of the Veil and of Calebais.  Telling her the answer to the riddle she leads the group to the ruins of the once great Calebais.

Once there, the dryad departs, and the group begins to explore, beginning with the stables near the entrance to the covenant. Exploring the stables, Sergei finds a secret passage that leads into the ground.  Leonardo follows the passage and finds the remains of a skeleton wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry, a diadem.  Leonardo dons the crown-like headpiece.

With the tunnel blocked by water, Leonardo returns to the stables and the group sleeps for the night.  Howls and scratches are heard throughout the night by the watch.

The group awakes the next morning and starts to explore the entrance of Calebais.  The barely visible dragon at the bottom of the well nearly turns them back, but Octavius's flight down shows it to be a statue.  They descend the stairs, considerably relieved.  Once across the rickety bridge the group enters the fountain room, where they find a statue that looks exactly like the dryad.  Exploring the storage room they run across two skeletons and some mundane junk.  In the archers' quarters they found Paulo, a ghost of the old Covenant.  Paulo recognizes the diadem and figures these are his masters of Calebais. Not knowing much, the group leaves Paulo there to guard the entrance while they move on to explore more of Calebais.  After a quick discussion, the group decides to head back to the manor house, regroup, learn what they can of the diadem, and make sense of the information they have.

The day after arriving, the council meets.  They revise and clarify the charter and decide what to do about Sir Robert.  They review the covenant finances and discuss options to stave off their imminent bankruptcy.  They decide to hear Robert out.  Finally, the council moves that any trophy Sergei wins through combat will be placed in a position of honor, and will be inherited by his sons.  That evening, a servant disappears under mysterious circumstances from the garden.  Investigation reveals no leads of note.

Octavius and Pietro study with Gistra, Fionuir refines his lab, Sergei studies wood lore, and Leonardo isn't seen much.

A month later, Robert arrives.  He's brought his father, King Roberto, and several guards.  The group sets up camp outside the covenant, as King Roberto doesn't trust the Magi's hospitality.  Initial negotiations reveal both that Sir Robert, curious about Magi, is the driving force behind his father's meeting and that King Roberto is willing to grant the covenant certain favors in exchange for life extension.  The council, after the discussion with the King, debates whether to get involved in the line of succession.  Only after Certamen between Leonardo and Fionuir is it decided that they will deal with the King.  Octavius is the sole vote against.

Later that night, there is a commotion in the encampment; one of the guards has been kidnapped.  Sergei finds and follows a trail.  In a clearing a short way off, the group encounters two faeries and the unconscious guard, one a familiar mishhapen earth faerie and the other a colorful frog in pure white clothing.  The frog seems immune to magic, but not steel.  Returning the guard helps the King trust the Magi, and a deal is made.  The Magi will keep him alive, and he will let them use the manor house lands and give them a small stipend.

Two weeks later, Leonardo breaks the covenant charter by tampering with Sergei's mind.  Sergei kills him.  As Leonardo has been killed by Sergei in combat, his body is considered a trophy.  The magi place his head in the trophy room.

Autumn 1220

The Redcap Gertrude visits the covenant sells her vis to pay the bills.  Octavius creates a longevity ritual for the King, Fionuir moves into his lab, Pietro studies with Gistra, and Sergei studies with the Woodsman.

Winter 1220

Fionuir builds an altar for his lab, Pietro studies with Gistra, and Sergei recruits a rural school teacher.  Octavius isn't seen much.

Spring 1221

Gertrude visits the covenant again, collecting interest on a loan and bringing news.  She reminds the covenant of the Tribunal next year.

[session 5 here]

Fionuir improves the altar in his lab, Pietro studies with Gistra, and Sergei studies with the teacher.  Octavius isn't seen much.