House Rule 1 (Replacement Characters)

Early death or retirement of Magus or Companion results in a temporary penalty to the replacement.  If a character dies the first time played, the replacement gets three virtues.  Every additional session the original survives gives the replacement two more virtues, to its maximum.  Penalties are also removed by playing the replacement at the same rate.  Thus, once a character's been played five times, his replacement is at full strength.

House Rule 2 (Rule Expansions)

Allowed: Most Virtues (some not at character creation, though), City and Guild, Art and Academy, most of Covenants, everything from the Houses books except the Legacy story flaw from True Lineages.

Disallowed:  Clarifying texts, improving lab teaching value, nonstandard lab routines, and dilated/contracted time boons from Covenants, True Faith over 1 from Realms of Power: The Divine, Ascension to the Hall of Heroes from The Mysteries, Realms of Power: The Infernal (most exists only for NPCs, but some may be available for players later on), the Legacy story flaw from True Lineages

House Rule 3 (Starting Age):

Beginning Magus characters can't be older than 35.  Beginning Gifted and Mythic Companions can't be older than 80.  Beginning Companions and grogs can't be older than 50.  Roll for aging in front of Derek or Bruce.  Feel free to stop aging at any time and adjust the character's ability points downwards to reflect their actual age.  If the character dies before play, see house rule #1.  (The next replacement will have 1 virtue point.)