"Little" Pietro Troppotardi

Saga: Broken Covenant Of Calebais
Characteristics: Int +3, Per +3, Pre +3, Com +1, Str -5, Sta +3, Dex -3, Qik -3
Size: -1
Age: 21 (21), Height: 4'7", Weight: 105 lbs, Gender: Male
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 0 (1)
Confidence: 1 (3)

Virtues and Flaws: The Gift; Hermetic Magus; Apt Student, Cyclic Magic (Day), Indepent Vis Source (Creo), Inventive Genius,
Minor Magical Focus (Iron), Potent Magic (Iron), Puissant Abilities (Craft(Iron), Leadership, Magic Theory, Philosophy),
Verditius Magic; Painful Magic, Proud; Covenant Upbringing, Magic Animal Companion, Poor Strx2
Personality Traits: Careful+2, Tidy-2, Brave-1

Reputations: None

Dagger: Init: -3, Attack+3, Defense+1, Damage -2
Soak: +3
Fatigue levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-4), -3 (5-8), -5 (9-12), Incapacitated (13-16)

Abilities: Artes Liberales 1(7) (Ceremonial Magic), Awareness 2 (alertness), Brawl 3 (dagger), Italian 5 (storytelling), Latin 4 (Hermetic Terms), Leadership 2+2 (10) (lab), Magic Theory 4+2 (15) (items), Parma Magica 1 (mentem)

Arts: Cr 5 (5), In 5, Mu 5, Pe 5, Re 5, An 5, Aq 5, Au 5, Co 5, He 5, Ig 5, Im 5, Me 5, Te 5, Vi 5

Equipment: Dagger, craftsman's clothes w/Verditius embroidery, Raven Food

Encumbrance: 0 (0)

Geist the Grackle
(If you could see him)
Might 15 (Powers: Personal Veil of Invisibility (cost 3), Detect Food by Ear (cost 1), Int 0, Per +3, Pre -1, Com -2, Str -13, Sta +1, Dex +3, Qik +8; Size-5, Soak+1; Artes Liberales 1 (7) (Ceremonial Casting), Athletics 3 (flying), Awareness 4 (1) (Food), Brawl 5 (Claws), Italian 5 (storytelling), Latin 4 (Hermetic Terms), Leadership 2 (10) (lab), Magic Theory 4 (11) (enchanting items), Survival 3 (Forest); Cord: Gold+2; Traits: aggressive, keen eyesight

Spells Known:
Bind Wound crco5 +13 B3, touch, conc
+9 recoveries crco5 +13 B4, conc
Escape the Grasp reco10 +13 B5, conc
Theft of Vigor reco15 +13 B15
Painless reco20 +13 B10, day
The Wizard's Sidestep reim5 +13 B2, conc, changing, matches
Sleep reme5 +13 B4, touch
Wizard Boost, range, imaginem, max 5 muvi5 +13 B4, touch
Wizard Boost, range, corpus, max 15 muvi15 +13 B10, touch
Intangible Tunnel, max20 revi15 +13 B3, sight, conc
Maintain Conc Spell, max10 revi20 +13 B4, touch, moon

Patterned Grackle Egg containing 1 creo.

Pietro is small. Newly Gauntleted, he's ready to show how "little" that matters.

Pietro had the good fortune to be born to covenfolk at a Jerbiton controlled covenant in the Rome Tribunal. His Gift and native intelligence discovered before he could reach most door handles, he was apprenticed on his fifth birthday. After a year, the kindly but distant Jerbiton discovered his incredibly ability with iron. When she found another apprenticeship candidate with a gentler Gift, Pietro was traded to an ambitious (and quite young) Verditius.

Pietro's new parens taught him everything he knew about the hermetic arts, letting his academics suffer. Pietro quickly learned, also, that he was more important than other children. He got in a few fights, some involving knives, until his parens secluded him even more. Pietro turned inward, his mind developing far faster and stronger than his body.

As he aged, Pietro began to realize his imaginary friend wasn't so imaginary. Geist revealed herself to Pietro when he was ten. Pietro's parens didn't find her for another six months. By then, the two were inseperable, often basking together in the sun during off hours. Geist occasionally lays an infertile egg with odd patterns on it, containing creo vis and a horrible stench.

Upon receiving his sigil in 1220, Pietro journeyed to Sardignia to help found a new covenant and investigate an old covenant. His first lab season was spend bonding Geist. His current task is to learn from a Redcap in his employ the academic skills his parens neglected. He couldn't be happier.