Welcome to the RPoL Portrait Request Gallery, If you've stumbled upon this website it means that you followed it hear from And you like me are an avid roleplayer. I created this website to put an area where people can request certain genres of images when it came to portrait selection. The basis for this site is to allow the user to find a suitable portrait that might not be on, and then submit it for acceptance. I've done a very similar thing with another site, which I use for MapTools & OpenRPG. When it comes to Token Miniatures. RPoL uses a 100x100 *.jpg requirement, which I have been able to configure into TokenTool, for the simple use of creating Portraits for RPoL. Its a very simple process. And since I enjoy helping others out with my knowledge and skills. I've decided to create a place where users can come and request a specific kind of portrait. One that might not be on RPoL. Then follow simple instructions to submit the portrait to RPoL for acceptance. This will be a community driven project. So unless I receive Requests, you will only see Galleries that I decide to do in my free time. I will try and keep them as well organized as I can, placing portraits in genre specific areas that I think they are best suited for. On the sidebar I already have a few galleries up for browsing. I've had requests in the past to find specific genres for portraits, so here is just a few listed for now. The site will become more active over time. With your help of course.

Thank You for stopping by, and make sure to toss me a request so I can get started on something.

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