Douglas Merrick was born in Arizona. He was mixed heritage. His mother was Native American, and his father a businessman from New York. His father had been traveling on business in Arizona when he stopped in at the Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort, one thing led to another and nine months later Douglas was born. Douglas was raised by his Mother on the nearby reservation, with monthly child support checks, she was able to give him a good childhood. He was instructed in the rites and rituals of the Native Americans, and of his people. Something inside of him was different though. Then his first Change happened, The Elders of the Reservation knew what he was. His Father must had been Garou. And must have smelled the scent of the people here to know that his son would be taken care of. The local Pack in the area was able to sniff out Douglas after his first change, and incorporated him into the Pack. From there he was taught by there Ritesmaster. He learned how to commune with spirits, and how to negotiate with them to get what he and the pack wanted. His formal education continued when he went to collage and got his major in Native American Anthropology, and Archeology. He had always loved the old stories of the Elders, and with his ability to speak with Spirits, it made searches for buried civilizations that much easier.

Douglas looked over the map he has been given. The guide back in Cairo said that he'd be able to use the map to navigate down the Nile towards the destination he sought. The map was a crude depiction of the Nile river and a few landmarks, nothing fancy. Douglas started to think that he has been swindled until he noticed one of the landmarks on the map, and matched it with the large obelisk like structure on the banks of the Nile.

He continued down the Nile, he had purchased the time and sailing proficiency of a local fishermen whom said he needed the extra money to feed his wife and children. But Douglas could smell the alcohol and the sweet aroma of opium on the mans breath. He knew where the money would really end up going. But it didn't matter, He was on a mission. The Great Flock had come to him. Back in Arizona, he had been at the Roger's Canyon Cave Ruins site, and had been working it for about a week. Unearthing new artifacts and classifying them with the local museum. It was tedious work, but big expeditions needed funding and these small excavations made sure food was on the table. Douglas had descended below the surface, into the cave structures below. Massive underground labyrinths. The place was beautiful. A place like that beckoned to be looked at from inside the Umbra. Douglas made sure that none of the other Archeologists were paying attention, and then he slipped off further and deeper into the caverns structure. Once alone, he stepped sideways, and into the Umbra to get a better look at the place. Spirits of Stone, Ancient Spirits that had not spoken in thousands of years, leered back at him. Small gafflings encircled his surroundings, as if they were drawn to him in some strange way. On the other side, in the confines of the Umbra, the Great Flock made themselves known. Screeching, talons flying through the massive opened air chamber, sweeping down and almost striking Douglas, he thought they were upset, but this was the way the spirits greeted Garou. The tempest of falcons soon came to a rest. One of them landing on the ground a few paces out from Douglas. The Spirit spoke. It called its self the Talons of Horus, and that it was very far from home. It had used a Moon Bridge to come here, specifically to give me a message. The Talons of Horus wanted me to travel across the world to Egypt. It said that my fate rested in the sands of the desert, under the shadows of the Great Pyramids. The Elders of the reservation where I was born, they had told me stories about the Great Flock. It had many names, but that it was a portent Spirit. Falcons, Ravens, Crows. Messengers of Fate. Listening to the Birds was good luck, and not listening often meant death.

Douglas knew what he had to do. He had to travel, and follow the guidance of the Spirit. The Spirits had never let him down before. And they had been with him ever since before his change. Over the next week, Douglas spent time getting things in order to leave for Egypt. He made sure to setup protected currency in Cairo, and had access to one of the local banks. His passport would easily get him into the country and he even setup a few digs to keep his cover, and of course get some local knowledge from the Spirits that inhabited these lands. Being familiar with Native American culture, being in the deserts across the world were an entirely different place. Booking passage on a plane, and making sure he had ground money when he arrived.

Douglas arrived at Cairo and immediately was at a loss. He had listened to the Great Flock, but they had not given him any other information. He was lost, and unsure of what to do from here. He'd have to commune with a few of the local spirits and see if they knew anything about the Great Flock and its reason for summoning him here. Helping a few Gafflings, Douglas was able to figure out that he needed to go to a more spiritual place. Some place with an Ancient spirit. The Valley of the Kings would make an excellent stop. He bought a tourist map from one of the street vendors, and then went to the docks of the Nile. Finding a fishermen willing to take him down the Nile, Towards the Valley of the Kings.

That brings us full circle. Douglas stood at the front of the small fishing boat, overlooking the Crocodiles on the edges of the Nile, the many animals drinking from the running water. He looked back to the fishermen whom was busy commanding the rudder. He was in Egypt and everything new and exciting was right before him.

To be continued....

Name       : Douglas Merrick
Player     : (Thruxus)
Breed      : Homid
Tribe      : Uktena
Auspice    : Theurge
Nature     : Sage
Demeanor   : Explorer
Pack Name  : None
Pack Totem : None
Concept    : Archaeologist
Chronicle  : Beneath the Shifting Sands
Physical          Social             Mental
Strength     2      Charisma       3      Perception     3
Dexterity    2      Manipulation   2      Intelligence   3
Stamina      2      Appearance     2      Wits           4
Talents           Skills             Knowledges
Alertness    2      Animal Ken     0      Computer       0
Athletics    2      Crafts         1      Enigmas        2
Brawl        1      Drive          0      Investigation  3
Larceny      0      Etiquette      2      Law            0
Empathy      0      Firearms       1      Linguistics    1
Expression   0      Leadership     0      Medicine       0
Intimidation 0      Melee          0      Occult         4
Primal-Urge  1      Performance    0      Politics       0
Streetwise   0      Stealth        0      Rituals        4
Subterfuge   3      Survival       1      Science        1
**Ability Specialties**
 - Wits - Cunning
 - Rituals - Mystic Rituals
 - Occult - Spirit Lore
 - Persuasion (Breed)
   System: The player rolls Charisma + Subterfuge (difficulty 7). Success
   lowers the difficulty of all social rolls by one for the rest of the
   scene, and allows successful rolls to have uncommonly strong impact.
 - Sense Chiminage (Auspice)
   System: A Perception + Subterfuge roll (difficulty 7) reveals the
   target’s state of debt in the spirit worlds; with three or more
   successes, the Theurge may learn the name of the one spirit the
   target most recently egregiously wronged, if such a being exists.
 - Spirit Speech (Tribe)
   This Gift bestows understanding of the language of the spirit world
   permitting the Garou to clearly understand and speak with any spirit
   he encounters. The Gift doesn’t influence spirits’ attitudes toward
   the werewolf in any way, nor ensure that they have any desire to
   communicate with him. Any spirit can teach it. System: This Gift’s
   effects are permanent.
 - Rite of Binding (1)
   System: A Garou can attempt this rite only in the presence of a spirit
   and it is usually performed in the Umbra. When attempting to bind a
   spirit, a Garou must first spend a number of Gnosis points (minimum of
   one). Each point of Gnosis spent reduces the spirit’s Gnosis rating
   by one. The Garou’s player must then roll Willpower (difficulty equals
   the spirit’s adjusted Gnosis). The number of successes indicates how
   long the spirit may be forced into service, with each success binding
   the spirit for one week. In the case of a talen, the spirit is bound
   until the object is used.
 - Rite of Spirit Awakening (2)
   System: The ritemaster must play a musical instrument or sing a song.
   The difficulty of the roll is the spirit’s Rage. Failure means that
   the spirit remains dormant. The Storyteller must decide whether the
   spirit is hostile or friendly to its awakener. Awakening a spirit
   doesn’t allow any control over it. Commanding an awakened spirit
   requires either a Rite of Binding or a Gift. This rite doesn’t work
   on sentient beings such as humans. Such individuals are already
   as “awakened” as they’re going to get.
 - Rite of Summoning (2)
   See Page 212.
 - Rites (5)
 - Spirit Network (3)
 - Fetish (1) (Mirror Shades)
 - Resources (3)
 - Totem (3) (Reserved for Pack Totem)
 - Spirit Magnet (1 pt. Merit)
 - Supporter (2 pt. Merit)
 - No Partial Transformation (1 pt. Flaw)
 - Curiosity (2 pt. Flaw)
Glory   - 0
Honor   - 0
Wisdom  - 3
RAGE - 3/3
GNOSIS - 3/3
RANK - 1
[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
   -1 -1 -2 -2 -5
 - None
 - None
 - Mirror Shades (1)
**Battle Scars**
 - None
 - Mirror Shades, Rugged Clothing, Hat, Belts, Boots.
 - Comfortable. You own a house and some land outright, which you may let
   the sept use or keepfor your pack, and you’ve a reputation that gives
   you easy access to credit at good terms. More of your assets are tied
   up in property than in cash, and if needs be you can maintain a
   one-dot standard of living wherever you are for as long as you like.
Homid              Glabro              Crinos
No Change          Strength     (+2)   Strength     (+4)
Difficulty   ( 7)  Stamina      (+2)   Dexterity    (+1)
                   Appearance   (-1)   Stamina      (+3)
                   Manipulation (-1)   Appearance   (-1)
                   Difficulty   ( 7)   Manipulation (-3)
                                       Difficulty   ( 7)
Hispo              Lupus
Strength     (+3)  Strength     (+1)
Dexterity    (+2)  Dexterity    (+2)
Stamina      (+3)  Stamina      (+2)
Manipulation (-3)  Manipulation (-3)
Difficulty   ( 7)  Difficulty   ( 6)
Experience Points  - (0)
Experience Spent   - (0)
Experience Saved   - (0)
Freebies           - (21/21)

        - Purchased : Background: Spirit Network (3pts)
        - Purchased : Background: Fetish (Mirror Shades) (1pts)
        - Purchased : Background: Resources (3pts)
        - Purchased : Background: Totem (3pts) (Reserved for Pack Totem)
        - Raised    : Ability: Rituals (2pts)
        - Raised    : Ability: Occult (2pts)
        - Raised    : GNOSIS (2pts)
        - Raised    : GNOSIS (2pts)
        - Raised    : WILLPOWER (1pts)
        - Raised    : WILLPOWER (1pts)
        - Raised    : RAGE (1pts)
Nature:   Knowledge is your treasure and your joy, and you enjoy both
          learning as well as teaching others your wisdom. Regain
          Willpower when you help someone through your vast knowledge or
          uncover an obscure piece of lore.
Demeanor: The world is full of wonder, and you've got to see it all.
          Regain Willpower when you make a significant discovery, such as
          finding a special place or artifact, or making a profound
          insight about yourself or a friend.